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Hope to Haiti

Hi Everyone,

I am tryin to raise money for Hope to Haiti and would love to get a fic exchange thing going..
Anyone have any advise? Or idea's?

Not sure where to start! But here is some info.....

What is Hope 2 Haiti?

• Two years ago, after a destructive and devastating earthquake ravaged Haiti, Random Acts provided major funding for a journey to Jacmel to assist in rebuilding homes, communities and lives.
• During our initial visit, a dental clinic was reconstructed, an orphanage was refurbished and a carpentry school with 1600 donated tools was founded.
• Hope 2 Haiti worked in the fierce heat of the Haitian sun to aid in the construction of a multi-purpose community center; a facility that will provide shelter, as well as educate and feed homeless and orphaned children.
But, our work isn’t done…..
How can you help?

By giving anything you have to spare! No matter how little or large the amount, I would be amazingly grateful!

Even if you have some items in your house you would be happy to give in aid of the boot sale I am doing to try and raise funds, please just give me a call on 07795216781 and I will come and collect the items.

If you would like to donate on line please go to:

So who am I?

My names Kathryn Edwards and I’m 23 years old and in my day job I work as an Insurance Broker.
And I would love to have the opportunity to help this amazing cause!

Raising £3k will get me a place on the team that are volunteering
this year but even if I don’t manage to raise that I will be so
proud to raise money for this organization!

Thank you in advance!

Writer's Block: Fantastic plastic

Would you consider having plastic surgery?

yes, if i had the money i would do it in a heart beat

Christmas Cards!

Does anyone want a christmas card? PM me your full addy and you'll get one, regardless of where you live or how well I know you! :)

I never post anymore..

Real life sucked me in to its sucky vortex...but im still around.

Will have a proper update soon but im bacsically alive...


Omg I have never seen House before, dear god, is House Sherlocks Dad? Or brother? Haha

I got a Kindle!

So I got a Kindle for Christmas and I may or may not have already downloaded 30 book's but that's not the point!

I'd be interested to know what some of your guys fave books are? What books do you go back to every year? Who's your fave author of all time and why?

Suprise me! :)

New York!

I am back from New York!! Well I got back Thursday but what with the epic snow etc and all that this is the first chance I have had to say hello!

So we took off ok, flight was just under 7 hours which was good and we really enjoyed flying with Virgin cause the entertainment and food was just brill! We landed at midday local time and by this point it was a pretty long day for us as we had been up at 4am our time (were 5 hours ahead of NY)

Anywhoooo, hotel was brill..we could see Macys from outside our hotel and there was a Victoria Secret store on the corner which i spend a small fortune in! We basically did everything over the 8 days...

Empire State
Central Park
Brooklyn Bridge
Greenwhich Village
5th Avenue Shopping
Madison Square Garden for a Nicks Game
Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade and a gorgeous Thanksgiving Dinner at Keens
Times Square
Every shop imaginable!
Met our Big Apple Greeter who was a charming man named Jack! He showed us a lot of historical places and religious sites!
I visited where Buddy Holly used to live when he moved to NY which of course made me cry because I adore him!
Visited a cinema and saw the new Harry Potter film (love it!)
Went ice skating in Bryant Park where they had some lovely little Christmas shops
Saw the Rockafella Christmas Tree

Omg, anyway...I could go on and on but I will post some pictures soon so people can have a look see!

I hope everyone is alright and doing well, looking forward to Chrismtas?

I am also looking forward to my partners nephew being born, the little one is due next Wednesday but who knows when he may appear!

I will keep you all updated! Much love


This time next week me and the boyfriend will be sitting on the plane waiting to take of for our 8 days in NYC...


A history of horrror with Mark Gatiss

On BBC 4 right now :) Love this man! x

Nice weekend...

Lovin this weekend, though the comedy club on Friday wasn't very good it was nice to be out doing something different. Since then I have done some cooking, banana bread and scones :) Nom nom, no good for the diet though! Mwahaha.

Done nothing so far today except for watch Jamie Oliver on the food channel...heeeee, love him! And made the fella dinner am now taking the DVD's back to Blockbuster and then droppin Rich home..

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend :)